I moved!

I moved!



Due to recent events I’ve been left to decide what it is I actually do, and what the focus for most of my interests are. I might call myself an artist, a writer, maybe even an illustrator if I’m feeling uber confident that day. And I know that the merging of illustration and writing itself, is this idea of stories, storytelling, and the over-arching themes of said stories. So, by default, I know this is where my focus of interests lie.

Whilst this is all good and fine, I mean, I’m self aware in what I like, and what I like to create where was the evidence of this? The focus of the project in question relies on the ‘show and tell’ type scenario in which me and several other young people are show-casing snippets of our work to one another in a bid to work out what it is each other does. And here lay the problem.

Most of the artwork I’ve created for the last two years has revolved around school projects for my fine art GCSE, and a few months ago was the deadline for this work, so it’s all been handed in. This means, for the moment, this big project I’ve been focusing all my art time on is tucked away in the art rooms at school, leaving me a bit bare on things to use in a ‘show and tell’ scenario.

So as I stressed trying to come up with some examples of high quality work I have created recently which not only show my love for illustration, but also for storytelling, I had about three A4 pages which I didn’t think summed me up very well at all. On the edge of a madness fueled by desperation, I had a bit of an epiphany.

I spend roughly six hours in school each day (often seven when I stay for after-school revision sessions) and for those that know me well, not only know I’m an avid note-taker but also a doodler. And an idea was born.


My name is Grace Collins, and I’m a doodler.





English lit

P.S. I’ve only just realized how basic the actual work I was supposed to be doing looks. Oh well.

P.P.S I hoped there’d be a way to manually turn some of these round… turns out there’s not. You learn something new every day.